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Previously known as “Ihya Ramadhan”. Inspired by the true spirit of Ramadhan Kareem, we encourage our fellow Muslims to perform charity to the Muslim communities in Bangladesh and Syria. “Ihya Ramadhan 2019” was held in Cox’s Bazaar and Meherpur, Bangladesh in two stages offering food boxes, iftar packs, rice, mushaf Quran and tilawah class. Overall, this project had assisted more than 40 families and about 800 individuals.

In 2020 when the whole world was impacted with covid-19 outbreak, Malaysian government was implementing movement control order whereas all Malaysians are required to stay at home in order to break the chain of covid-19 in Malaysia. Regardless, praised to Allah that despite this, we managed to make a breakthrough for Ramadan4U 2020. We achieved the highest amount of iftar packs distributed, exceeding our expectation.  A total of 7843 iftar packs and 175 food boxes were distributed to 4 countries: Yemen, Syria, Malawi, & Cox’s Bazar (Rohingya Camp).

In the recent Ramadan4U 2021, we managed to expand this project to 2 new countries: Palestine, and Tanzania. Doubling the amount from 2020’s distribution, this year we distributed about 13,500 iftar packs and about 300 food boxes.

Bright smiles from the beneficiaries drive us to aim for higher target and higher amount of iftar packs and food boxes to be distributed in the future.



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U Tijarah Sdn. Bhd. (also known as “UTSB”) is a Malaysian company focusing mainly on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). From February 2013 and onwards, we endlessly work for the international community which includes victims of wars, political crisis, displacement issues, and poverty. Our global missions and projects fixate on bridging the help from the customers to those in need hence we proudly identify ourselves as CSR Contractor.

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