U Tijarah Sdn. Bhd. (also known as “UTSB”) is a Malaysian company focusing mainly on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). From February 2013 and onwards, we endlessly work for the international community which includes victims of wars, political crisis, displacement issues, and poverty. Our global missions and projects fixate on bridging the help from the customers to those in need hence we proudly identify ourselves as CSR Contractor.


Pioneering and creating a community of CSR Contractors as well as contributing the business structure as waqf for the ummah.


  • Helping those who are in need especially Muslim communities who are affected by humanitarian crisis and natural disasters.
  • Providing a platform for Malaysian citizens to purchase with the intention of aiding others.
  • Establishing a sustainable company which will provide more than 500 job opportunities to the Malaysians in 2030.


Our journey embarked in 2013 when Ukhuwah Tijarah Sdn. Bhd. was established and we had successfully executed our first global project; “One Person One Blanket” aimed to the community in Nilphamari, Bangladesh alongside other projects such as “UAqiqah” and “Ihya Ramadhan

In 2014, Ukhuwah Tijarah Sdn. Bhd. was reformed to Ukhuwah Tijarah Enterprise with new projects which were accomplished such as “Demimu Yaman”, “Terbanglah Syria”, “Warm4U” and many others. U Tijarah Sdn. Bhd. had finally come into fruition on the date of 21 August 2020, advancing our past works whilst actively inventing new projects, catering to wider part of the global community.


Tuan Haji Mohd Faizal Bin Mohamad

Managing Director

Encik Ahmad Abdul Hadi Bin M.Assadiqi

Deputy Managing Director I

Puan Nur Alia Binti M. Fathil

Deputy Managing Director II


Dr. Ahmad Sufian bin Che Abdullah

Dr. Nashwan Abdo Khaled

Ust. Nik Mansor bin Nik Mahmud


En. Ikhwan bin Alias

Legal Advisor

En. Nor Amri bin Arifin

Financial Advisor