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Formerly known as “Demimu Yaman”. As civil war erupted in Yemen in 2015, many citizens suffered from humanitarian crises caused by the destruction of public facilities leading to sanitation problems, shortness of water supply, insufficient of food sources hence, a famine. “Demimu Yaman 2019” offered food boxes to be delivered to Yemen citizens in Taiz. A food box consists of flour, rice, sugar, and cooking oil had been provided to aid 36 families.

As we reached 2021, 4UYemen managed to achieve our most amount of food box whereby U Tijarah distributed 402 food boxes to 400 families all over the city of Taiz.

Declared as the “The world’s worst humanitarian crisis”, U Tijarah adamantly undertakes our projects in Yemen. It is our hope that we can increase the number of aids distributed in the future.



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U Tijarah Sdn. Bhd. (also known as “UTSB”) is a Malaysian company focusing mainly on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). From February 2013 and onwards, we endlessly work for the international community which includes victims of wars, political crisis, displacement issues, and poverty. Our global missions and projects fixate on bridging the help from the customers to those in need hence we proudly identify ourselves as CSR Contractor.

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